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January 12, 2012

Mohanik mix and mingle

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Mongolian garage rockers struggle to straddle cultural differences. By Kyle Mullin for Beijing’s City Weekend Magazine, Jan. 12 2012

Mongolia conjurers up very specific images for outsiders: grass lands, open plains, harsh winds and weathered horseback riders. But that’s not the place Enerelt, bassist for Mongol garage rockers Mohanik, calls home.

“Whether it’s the extreme weather or the air pollution, so many things are part of living in the (capital) Ulaanbaatar,” Enerelt says of his hometown, where he’s packing bags to leave for a Beijing gig at D-22 on Jan. 13. “We wouldn’t say it has been hard growing up there. If you hear our songs, you’ll definitely smell and taste some Mongolian flavors.”

Yet Mohanik’s flavours often seem awfully familiar for us expats. Instead of the rumbling throat singing featured in other Mongolian troupes like Hanggai, Mohanik’s signature song boasts a creaky box spring guitar riff that wouldn’t be out of place on an early punk hit performed by The Kinks. That strumming makes the song, dubbed Moritoi ch Boloosoi, instantly catchy.

But then guitarist and vocalist Tsogt breaks out the chorus…






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