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January 12, 2012

From Country Bumpkin to Airline Captain

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Beijing director straddles the space between farming and flight with surrealist film. By Kyle Mullin for The Beijinger, Jan. 12 2012

Most farmers tend to their fields, but this one takes to the skies.

In Qiao Liang’s Flying, the eccentric land laborer Liu Baigang abandons his roots in favor of the heavens after teaching himself how to build an airplane. The film soars atop this ridiculous premise and eventually lands on rural China’s quirky yearnings.

See the film at Culture Yard on Jan 13, where the director – a longtime local TV auteur and Beijing Film Academy (BFA) alumnus – will also be present for a Q+A. But for now, please keep your seatbelt fastened and your tray in the upright position. This is your captain speaking, and Qiao Liang will now take our questions.

What inspired you to make a film about a farmer flying? 
It was the screenplay writer’s idea initially. And to be honest, the first time I saw it, I rejected this script. I didn’t think it made sense for a farmer to make a plane. But after researching online I found there are actually many people trying to make planes themselves. It was then that I started to consider this story regardless of the absurdity, and saw the idealism in it.

But Liu’s situation is far from ideal – his neighbors have always called him a lunatic, and the bullying only gets worse when he tries to build an airplane. 
People are judgmental, especially in the countryside. They think someone is insane as long as they’re different. Many people are stressed out from this and choose a job they don’t like or marry someone they don’t have true feelings for. They’ll often take comfort in thinking, “Everyone is doing the same thing, so why don’t I?”






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