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December 15, 2011

Adam Carolla’s heedless high speed

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World record breaking podcast host denies accusations of racism. By Kyle Mullin for The Sacramento Press, Dec. 7 2011

Adam Carolla’s wheels aren’t spinning. In fact, his engine has literally stalled.

“I’m down in the garage trying to get a Lamborghini 400GT to start. And I narrowed it down to the fuel pump or the fuses right before I came up here to call you,” the comedian, podcast host and amateur mechanic says in an exclusive phone interview with The Sacramento Press. He’ll perform his stand-up routine at The Crest Theatre on Friday.

In some ways, Carolla’s career has switched to high gear. A decade ago, he co-hosted goofy fare like “The Man Show” with Jimmy Kimmel and “Loveline” with Dr. Drew. Now he’s taken more creative control on projects like Fox Sports’ “The Car Show” and his own wildly popular podcast, which won the Guinness World Record for most downloads. But the flack Carolla’s been hit with because of his edgy jokes and social commentary, especially on the unrestricted podcast, just might send him into a tailspin.

“It drives me nuts… when you put your opinion out there, people grab it, turn you into whatever,” he says of all the ire “The Adam Carolla Show” has drawn. “Back in the day, in order to be a racist, you had to be in the clan or you had to light a cross or lynch somebody. You had to do something to be a racist. Now, just make a Pollack joke and you’re a racist. You can have gay friends and black friends and never have laid a hand on a woman in your life, and still (be called) a homophobe and a racist and a misogynist, and never (have) done a f—kin’ thing.”






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