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December 15, 2011

Meet the filmmaker: George Huey talks prostitution and report cards.

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Producer to host screening of lauded Sundance  feature.  By Kyle Mullin for The Beijinger, Dec. 14 2011

A typical day at home for young Ernest Chin would be anything but normal for the rest of us. Down the hall from the 13 year old’s bedroom, hookers get down to business. Beggars barge up the stairs. Then there’s his stern Chinese mother, who’s more judgmental of her son’s every test score than her guests’ biggest transgressions, literally handing those shady strangers keys to the front door.

The Motel tells the story of a traditional immigrant family renting out rooms to their sleazy New York neighbours. It’s a unique glimpse of immigrant life through second-generation teenage eyes and has garnered nominations for the Independent Spirit Award and the Humanities Prize at Sundance. Watch the film and meet one of the producers, George Huey, at The Culture Yard on Friday, but in the meantime, pull up a chair as we chat with Mr. Huey himself.

The producer (who also contributed to the screenplay) is between films right now, working as a sports consultant in Beijing. But he hasn’t abandoned show business, penning fresh scripts and hosting events like this weekend’s screening of the breakthrough film. Here he answers more of our questions:

This setting in the film, is it based on reality?

We scouted over 100 motels in the New York area , and almost all of them were run by South East Asians. The one we chose was busted for prostitution a year before we shot there. It had low income families getting kicked out while we were shooting.






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