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October 21, 2011

Deft, deaf and deafening

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Decades later, Jeff Beck is still a guitar hero.  By Kyle Mullin for Calgary’s FFWD Magazine, Oct. 20 2011

Jeff Beck was building up a racing rhythm. The lauded guitarist thumbed a few knobs and dials, shoved the pedal level and revelled in the boisterous noise that swept over him. He wasn’t riffing though, he was driving. His instrument wasn’t a Fender amp, it was the howling engine of a Ford hot rod.

“To be honest I go through phases of which is the ‘best’ or my ‘favourite,’” Beck says of his exquisite custom cars, a collection that includes a Ford Deuce Coupe modelled after the one in the movie American Graffiti. But picking a favourite would actually be the easiest of all his hot rod decisions. “Recently, the challenge has been finding enough time to build and work on them. I like to oversee every part of building and be at home when parts arrive. With all my touring over the last few years, the building has taken a bit of a back burner.”

That hands-on ethic has served him well as a guitarist. At the age of 67, Beck is now in the midst of a career resurgence that eluded him for decades.






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