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August 31, 2011

How The Sheepdogs almost broke up

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The Saskatoon shag-rockers are poised to break out thanks to their Rolling Stone cover story, but frontman Ewan Currie reveals that as recently as last year, the band were close to calling it quits. By Kyle Mullin for Toronto’s THE GRID, Aug. 7 2011. 

A broken dream isn’t the same as a broken promise, but neither is easy to admit to.

Less than a year ago, Ewan Currie gripped the wheel and listened to the engine of his 1993 Plymouth Acclaim die with a sputter that signified the start of his daily routine. That mechanical hiccupping rhythm might as well have been the soundtrack to his band’s career—a series of constant starts and stops. It was enough to make even the mellowest guitarist neurotic. He thought about all the sacrifices he and his fellow Saskatoon shaggy-headed rockers made to become an obscure indie act called The Sheepdogs, and wondered what they could possibly be giving up by calling it quits.

“It meant just getting used to living like a bum,” the 26-year-old frontman says of life as a Sheepdog for the past half decade, right up until November of last year, before the band even realized they’d been enrolled in the Choose The Cover ofRolling Stone contest. “Never having any money, having a crappy car that I can’t afford to register, driving long hours across Canada for shows when we might break down at a moment’s notice… One time I drove it to Winnipeg to record with a pal and got stuck in Brandon. When you start to feel like you’re plateauing and not gaining any kind of momentum, then you start to think about throwing it in and sort of breaking up.”






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