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August 31, 2011

Hip hop introspection

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A rough and rustic upbringing still haunts the Canadian rapper. By Kyle Mullin for Albuquerque’s Local IQ Magazine, Aug. 4 2011

(Reporter’s note: I did not agree with the edited version of the story that was published in Local IQ. I have also includedis an uncut version of the story below. It contains course language and graphic details that are not suitable for younger readers).  

The boy who would be Buck 65 tried not to choke up on the bat, even though he was clutching onto it for dear life.

As the pitch sailed closer, scouts watched the future rapper’s swinging technique. The Major League talent seekers (one of them formerly employed by the New York Yankees after discovering a future hall of famer), had journeyed to the tiny Canadian town of Mt. Uniacke Nova Scotia to witness the sixteen year old shortstop’s heavy hits.

“That was probably the most exciting week of my life,” Buck, who then went by his given name Rich Terfry, says of that early peak. He adds that all the critical acclaim for his latter twisted, rustically husky raps about centaurs and zombies can’t compare to being scouted then by the MLB or simply playing ball in his hometown as a boy.

“I (still) need baseball, this thing that I can turn to that is really simple and good, (especially) when things aren’t going as well with (my) music. I can get that simple satisfaction even just out of playing catch, there’s something so Zen about it… it just feels fluid and rhythmic, like all is right with the world.”


Uncut: https://kylelawrence.wordpress.com/hip-hop-introspection/

Published version: http://www.local-iq.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2079&Itemid=54


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