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June 28, 2011

Sweet beats leave Wilson bruised

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How a pop icon turned open wounds into good vibrations. By Kyle Mullin for Calgary’s FFWD Magazine, Thursday June 23 2011

Brian Wilson laid down on the floor and shuffled his tiny frame closer to the speakers carelessly, not yet needing to wince or worry about pressing down on the bruises that would soon speckle his skin. His attention instead submitted to the song coming from the turntable next to him, a melody that would go on to inspire most of his own buoyantly joyous notes and his every performance even to this very day — despite all the beatings along the way.

“My dad pushed me around when I was a kid,” the Beach Boy says of the first of many bullies that would torment him for years. It was a brutal elder who also happened to kick-start a young Wilson’s illustrious music career. “The good part was he taught me how to play the piano. Although he was not good to me, he taught me how to play the boogie-woogie.”

“I look for the good in people all the time,” Wilson adds. “There’s always been people in my life who are very good, and then there’s people in my life who I don’t feel comfortable around. Some of my old buddies from [my hometown] Hawthorne, Calif., they only talk to me like, ‘Hey man, what are you doing in the studio?’”






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