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June 22, 2011

Infinity Guitars Ring, Are You Listening?

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A once-doomed brazilian restaurant turned out the be the place Sleigh Bells found their voice. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, Thursday May 19 2011.

Derek Miller may be known for crafting frantically offbeat electro tunes, but many of his early rhythms were redundantly dull — the squeaks from rubbing down tables, the hollow clatter from stacking chairs, the faint scratching of his pen as he jotted down special orders instead of the lyrics and notes he craved to craft.

“When you’re trying to do something creative there’s nothing better than an awful boss, it lights a fire under your ass, for sure,” he says of the dead end stint he worked at a Brazilian restaurant in Brooklyn, to scrape by as he tried to pry his way into the music industry. “Every day I’d get there at 10 a.m. and start setting up tables, and just thinking about how badly I wanted to leave.”

Between shifts he’d amassed a considerable stash of bold and brazen beats, tapped out on his Akai xr20 drum machine. His shifts, however, allowed for too little down time to go see shows, much less the needed respite to try and book his own gigs or even find a few musical cohorts. But the job he thought was stifling actually ended up offering him the inspiring fresh gust he needed.




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