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April 11, 2011

Ron Sexsmith’s Sullen Joy

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Applauded by peers and fans alike, Ron Sexsmith finds his inspirations everywhere. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, Feb. 24 2011.

At first glance it’s seems as if he’s doused in a sullen pollen — a dour aroma that lingers, that haunts him, leaving his face droopy and drawing his mouth into a tight line. But when Ron Sexsmith puts those lips to a microphone the achingly blissful lilt in his voice becomes his truest expression, reaching not for morose ballads but melodies and tears of joy.

“I don’t really smile in pictures … I remember when I was a kid people said I had a sad face, they’d go ‘well, what’s the matter with you?’ and I was having a good time; that was just my facial expression,” the lauded songwriter says about the first impressions he has often given.

“My wife complains sometimes that she never sees me cry. I just come from that sort of family where we didn’t like to have outward emotional outbursts and things like that,” Sexsmith adds. “But in one (of my latest) songs I’m just singing about (how) it’s the happy stuff that gets me, that makes me all misty … as opposed to sad stuff, which has absolutely no effect on me.”

The tune he’s referring to is “Love Shines,” the lead single from his latest album, Long Player, Late Bloomer. On it he nearly coos “in every nowhere town there are somewhere dreams,” over a tenderly driving melody that Sexsmith says might just be the first genuinely optimistic song he’s written in years.




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