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April 11, 2011

Pixies to reprise underground classic album at Moncton show

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Guitarist Joey Santiago savors the sickly sweet memories that inspired his twisted notes. By Kyle Mullin for New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal, Saturday March 26 2011

The sweet flavour lingered like the tension in the air. Little Joey Santiago chewed on a chunk of sugar cane, sucking the juices from the splintery pulp, as he listened and tried to understand what his parents were saying about the martial law that was about to fall on the Philippines.

“After school we used to buy sugar canes, that was my treat and we could gnaw on them to get the sugar out,” The Pixies guitarist says of his earliest recollections in his hometown of Manila. “I was very young, but I remember my parents and my uncles kept talking about the guerrillas that were out there. And I thought they meant the actual apes, that gorilla apes were just roaming the streets, until they told me it was kind of like a terrorist group. That was a lot scarier, it made me wish for actual gorillas.”

Santiago and his family immigrated to America just as President Ferdinand Marcos’s crackdown began, suffocating any Filipino uprising in 1972. Yet, those surreal times followed the shy little daydreamer for the rest of his life.

Pixies’ frontman Black Francis may have been the acoustic auteur of Debaser, Here Comes Your Man and Monkey Gone to Heaven, but Santiago scored those surreal lyrics with his equally twisted riffs.







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