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March 2, 2011

Real Disoveries Come From k-os

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MC flips between singing and rapping — not so much on the cursing. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, Jan. 27 2011

Gruesome rhymes or gritty beats were never k-os’ biggest influences. For him, rap’s most notorious noise came when the songs hit the street, literally, because his Jehovah’s Witness minister father threw the tapes out the window.

“When I was young I’d use his car, then when he’d take it later he would listen to the cassettes I had littered on the seat,” says the renowned Canadian MC, who is now putting the finishing touches on his own new album and will take a break from the studio to perform at The Freezing Man. “Dad had a rule that after the first swear word he heard he’d throw the tape out the window, so my Public Enemy and KRS-1 tapes, everything was gone by the time he got back from work. He would be just as gangster as these rappers. That was tough, but, he was passionate about it and that made me passionate too, it made me think ‘Wow, I gotta find some music that my dad can listen to.’”

That sentiment has stuck with k-os throughout his career and straight to this very day. All of his albums, (including his upcoming fifth release, Black on Blonde, slated for later this year) have strictly clean lyrics. He doesn’t see that as holding back — to him, it’s the most freeing release.




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