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March 2, 2011

Plants and Animals drifts to La La Land

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Montreal-Maritime act sharpens its creative process. By Kyle Mullin for Calgary’s FFWD Magazine, Feb. 17 2011

Warren Spicer once read a book about the Kon-Tiki raft that Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl had built and boarded to cross the Pacific more than half a century ago. He didn’t expect, however, to land at a hotel bearing the same title during a tour stop between San Francisco or Los Angeles nor did he expect that a key track on his next album, La La Land, would carry its name.

Serendiptious, maybe. But, as Spicer explains, he has never been the master of his tunes’ trajectory — the guitarist simply travels where the tide takes him.

“We didn’t name [the song] after the Kon-Tiki raft, although I guess we were on our own raft… on [that] tour, floating from one place to the next and hoping that we would be able make it home,” he says with a chuckle. As he explains, it was that very trek that had burned that band out, inspiring a song that will no doubt be a highlight on its current tour, landing at Republik on Thursday, February 24.

“I just jokingly sang about the Kon-Tiki when we were jamming and it fit the vibe…. It had more to do with the word than all the things associated with it,” he says. It’s a seemingly trival seed that bore one of the climactic tracks on the album. “Things that aren’t necessarily that important can still become songs, because once they’re a song maybe they can connect and do different things. You don’t have to know what it’s about to get something from it.”




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