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March 2, 2011

Bursting Bubble Rap

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Buck 65 works to break through any comfort zone holdups with his latest, 20 Odd Years. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, Feb. 3 2011

The taxi door slams with a hollow thud, like the bursting of giant bubble wrap. Rich Terfry, better known as Buck 65, fishes his pockets for the fare before handing it to the cabbie through the passenger window.

“When touring I find myself in taxis a lot and having conversations with taxi drivers,” Buck says as the cab speeds away. “In that job you have to be able to deal with a lot that the average person doesn’t in terms of violent people, potentially crazy people, definitely drunk people. They’re really taken for granted.”

Buck made a deliberate effort not to ignore those cabbies during a studio stint that was part of one of his most prolific recording spells — over the past two years he accumulated enough tunes to release a recent string of EP’s dubbed 20 Odd Years, before bundling them into an album of the same name. He gave one of the remaining recordings — “The Oath,” about an immigrant taxi driver — to the producers of a War Child compilation.

“It came from the idea that there’s an oath a taxi driver takes, either literally with his company or in some spirit,” Buck says. “It’s like when you sit in a taxi and see the passengers’ rights, that’s basically the promises that your driver is making to you.”

Buck 65 has hopped into many cabs since he was first inspired to write that ode to the traffic’s unsung heroes nearly a year ago — most drivers reaffirmed the sentiment, but one seemed to make a deliberate effort to buck against it.




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