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January 22, 2011

Sweet Leaf

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Author and tea lover Warren Peltier explores the history of an artform that brims over with beauty and tradition. By Kyle Mullin for The Beijing Review Online, Jan. 18 2011

Warren Peltier squinted through the steam, convinced that the mug of tea beneath it held much more than his reflection.

“I hope interest in tea will blossom,” said the author as he grasped his mug and outlined his plans for a January 20 reading at The Bookworm cafe in Sanlitun, where he will present his new book, The Ancient Art of Tea.

“I want to impress on people just how unaware we are of 3,000 years of tea history in China. It originated so long ago, but we’re only aware of such a small amount,” he said.

Peltier said most modern tea drinkers are oblivious to the fact that preparing those simmering cups can be more than a morning routine. Brewing tea was once heralded as a Chinese artform. The Song Dynasty (960-1279) practice was called fen cha or “parting tea” – in those times, cities like Fuzhou (where Peltier lives and works) in southeast China’s Fujian Province hosted gatherings of teabrewers who would whisk the tea and create amazing images in its seething froth




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