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November 3, 2010

Family Tension Finds Way Into Georgas’ Lyrics

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Vancouver songstress says she’s blessed with sibling rivalries. By Kyle Mullin for New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal, Nov. 3 2010

Hannah Georgas gripped the receiver hoping for something more than a hollow dial tone on the other end.

The first verse from her seminal single The Deep End is like listening to that phone call. She asks “Are you calling from a pay phone this time, the lines aren’t clear, is everything OK on your side?”

The tune will likely be a highlight when the Vancouver singer-songwriter plays Fredericton, Saint John and St. Andrews over the next week. The lyrics reflect a time when Georgas’ sister dialled her number over and over, as both siblings struggled with fading connections – and not just on the phone.

“At the time I was talking to my sister a lot, because we seemed to be going through all the same challenges,” Georgas said. “I never knew where she’d be calling from, so I’d always ask, ‘Are you calling from a pay phone? Do you have a place to stay?’ I was quick to give advice that I wasn’t able to take. The song is like that, an anxious conversation with myself, where I believe I’m trying to ease someone else when I’m really just trying to calm myself down.”


Family Tension Finds Way Into Georgas’ Lyrics




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