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August 27, 2010

A Sizzling Sermon of Sound and Fury

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Dedicated fans continue to kneel at the alter of the Reverend Horton Heat. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, July 29 2010

Under a blistering, merciless sun, the Reverend clenched his machete and longed to carve a niche that defied anyone’s expectations. As he lifted that gleaming blade he thought not about the brush his father had tasked him to hack down. But he also wasn’t dreaming of the punky rockabilly fusion he would one day christen. Instead, he hoped that a strange storm of sorts would block out the sky’s endless blaze.

“I was young and didn’t know anything except that I loved playing guitar, and uprooting tree trunks on my dad’s property was hard work,” he says of the days before he fronted his rollicking trio (comprised of himself, bassist Jimbo Wallace, and drummer Paul Simmons). 

“Out of nowhere this navy jet flew overhead, no more than 200 feet off the ground. You could see the pilot’s face but couldn’t hear it until it was there, because it was as fast as the sound it made. I couldn’t help but wish that it would accidently drop some coke or something that I could sell in Dallas, instead of uprooting those damn trees. And that’s when ‘Bales of Cocaine’ just kind of wrote itself.”




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