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July 26, 2010

Just A Small Town Boy

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Wolf Parade frontman Dan Boeckner owes his band’s big sound to the silence of his youth. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, July 22 2010

The room looked barren, battered and post apocalyptic. The revolution had passed, the Slovenian separatist protesters imprisoned within those walls were long since released — all before a new generation of war punks bought such barracks back from their newly independent government for their own uses, like hosting a venue for bands like Wolf Parade to play in.

“It was this jam packed show for a horde of crazy Slovenian kids — playing that dingy little place might have been our very best show,” front man Dan Boeckner said of Wolf Parade’s recent eastern European gig, adding that he hopes to stir up an equally frantic frenzy at the Starlite Room on July 23 as the band tours behind their latest album, Expo 86




July 18, 2010

Hey Rosetta! already looking forward to spring

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Newfoundland group working on new album with theme of discovery and awakening. By Kyle Mullin for New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal, July 12 2010

Hey Rosetta!’s soaring, layered songs have often been called orchestral, but front man Tim Baker heard such astounding arrangements for the first time when he was literally a little punk pretending to be a choir boy.

“Once a year, an orchestra would play with all of us that sang in the Newfoundland Symphony Youth Choir, it was so dynamic it made the hairs on my arms stand straight up,” said the lyricist and lead singer, who will work to thrill the audience at Fredericton’s Boyce Farmer’s Market in the same way on July 22.


Hey Rosetta! Already Looking Forward to Spring

Hey Rosetta! Already Looking Forward to Spring Pg. 2



July 8, 2010

Roquentin’s Mystery

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Edmonton’s own master-poet delves deep into existential philosophy to find the answers. By Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, July 8 2010.

Cadence Weapon has spent a long time pondering the spirit of song, the lyrics and rhythms that flow around and through him, like a perfect musical storm that sets his rap barometer off.

“The ideas I get are naturally occurring in the air, I just pick up on them,” said the Edmonton native, born Rollie Pemberton, who will reciprocate some of those rhythmic ideas at his SOS Festival performance. “We give all this credit to good songwriters, but I think they’re more like filters… Music’s a long connected thread of ideas that everyone’s capable of tapping into, as long as they have the right prior knowledge.”



July 3, 2010

Enlightened MC

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Canadian hip-hop veteran Buck 65 learned the hard way how to be media savvy. By Kyle Mullin for New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal, June 30 2010.

It can be tough for Buck 65 not to treat an interview like an interrogation.

After a heated exchange with a European journalist nearly a year after the release of his breakthrough album, Talkin’ Honky Blues, in 2003, and an even more scathing article as a result, Canada’s most eccentric MC soon morphed into one of the country’s most guarded artists.

“He was very antagonistic, asking me ‘How dare you have guitars on a hip-hop album?’ ” Buck, who will showcase those genre-melding tunes on Saint John’s Market Square Boardwalk stage on Saturday, said of the aggressive questioning in the U.K.’s Kerrang! magazine. “For awhile after that I tape-recorded every interview to protect myself… (because) during an interview it’s easy to forget that you’re not talking to the reporter, but to the person that’s going to be reading their work later. I lost sight of that.”


Enlightened MC Pg. 1

Enlightened MC Pg. 2



Solace in Song

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Justin Townes Earle says he gets personal in his lyrics so he can better connect with fans. By Kyle Mullin for New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal, June 28 2010.

Today, Justin Townes Earle tours the world, but there was once a two-year stretch when the budding singer-songwriter couldn’t even afford to own a guitar. He was instead investing in crack pipes, or spending one night too many falling asleep with a needle in his arm. And once, when he awoke, that needle was replaced by an IV. Its steady drip was like an hour glass, counting down every wasted moment.

“I dropped dead in my living room, and I woke up seven days later in the hospital with tubes coming out of me,” said the young troubadour, who is the eldest son of the equally infamous Steve Earle. “Heroin messed up my whole world, from when I was 12 and trying it for the first time until I was 22, pawning my guitar for it and ending up in the hospital.”


Solace in Song



Macbeth in the park

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Bard in the Barracks takes over Fredericton green space to retell tragic tale. By Kyle Mullin for New Brunswick’s Telegraph Journal, June 22 2010.

Witches are haunting Fredericton’s Odell Park, and theatre lovers can partake in the nuanced séance this summer as Bard in the Barracks unleashes its rendition of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

A conventional stage has been replaced by the park’s darkest, most barren corners. Strangely sensual sorceresses prowl around the park, scaling the trees like spiders and scurrying around and amongst the audience to hiss their lines. They lead those viewers through the forest, from one scene to the next not merely to watch a play but to stand nearly face-to-face with the players and breathe in the tension they create.


Macbeth in the Park



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