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June 14, 2010

Dying’s Easy Living’s Hard

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After building a legacy of theatrics, the Misfits have had enough of the drama. Published June 10, 2010 by Kyle Mullin for Edmonton’s SEE Magazine, June 10 2010.

There was a time when Jerry Only felt like a misfit even amongst the most infamous punks in the world.

A few short years after co-founding the Misfits, the most iconic horror rock troupe in history, Only found himself celebrating with his punk forefathers at a party dedicated to Sid Vicious, who had just made bail after an arrest on assault charges (the very least of his problems in 1979). But the gathering was soon soured for Only because of all the guests’ syringe bingeing.

“Sid could’ve been the next Elvis if he’d had his shit together,” Only says of the Sex Pistols’ boisterous bassist, who suffered a fatal overdose that night. “Everyone at that party was more into drugs than having a great career. I’m through with rebelling, I’d rather work at expressing myself than dig my own grave.”




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