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December 28, 2009

Country cavaliers The Divorcees nab ECMA nomination

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When a tiny, tranquil fishing island was torn asunder by vigilante justice and soured drug deals a few short years ago the entire province was shaken – not only from the shock of such traumatic events, but from the underlying tensions that sparked them and finally demanded our full attention.

Those events also inspired The Boys, a standout track on the Divorcees’ Last of the Free Men – a 2010 East Coast Music Award country recording of the year nominee – leaving the band to strum their guitar strings and finger their frets fiercely in the hopes of capturing the essence of all that madness. They were fighting to form the very rhythms of those tensions that wrenched Grand Manan Island, to clinch the very sound of how bonds can be forged stronger after they’ve been strained.

The old cliché “what’s in a name” is just something else for the Divorcees to buck against – the country cavaliers, who hail from the Hub City area, take that band name not as a title but a mantra, a single word to sum up their weathered, rip-roaring nature.

“It is no nonsense, get right down to it, old school outlaw country,” said lead singer and guitarist Alex Madsen of the ditties and dirges Brock Gallant, Denis ‘Turtle’ Arsenault, Danny Roy, and Jason’ J Byrd’ Nicholson have doled out over the years, before elaborating slightly on the searing circumstances that inspired them and the very name they go by.




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